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Sing to Speak

An artificial-intelligence system to provide individualised language training for children by utilising neuroscience

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The market is flooded with many different language-training programs. Most of them are provided and designed by speech-language pathologists with their own professional judgement. However, the training efficacy and effectiveness are not always guaranteed and the customers who are the clients who receive the service are difficult to monitor their training effects.

Our service aims to resolve the difficulty in tracking training efficacy by providing an artificial-intelligence generated language training. The training is designed based on the clients' brain data when they are receiving the training, which secures the treatment efficacy with the use of neuroscience technology. The customers can review their training effectiveness through our shared platform with the use of a mobile-phone application.

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Our team is full of diversity that includes speech-language pathologist, neuropsychologist, and part-time marketing staff.

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