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The Education⁺ and Social Entrepreneurs (EASE) Fund Scheme, is a seed funding scheme set up by the Knowledge Transfer Sub-office (KT Sub-office) of The Education University of Hong Kong, aims to create and promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in EdUHK community; to support students and alumni to pursue their dreams and creations by starting up a sustainable venture; and to provide a new channel to transfer EdUHK knowledge and research outcomes into real applications to benefit the society.

The EASE Fund Scheme is formerly named as EdUHK Education And Social Entrepreneurs Fund in 2018 which focuses on EdTech, education innovation and social innovation. As EdUHK KT Sub-office would like to support more students and alumni in pursuing their entrepreneurial dream, it is decided to rebrand the EASE fund to Education and Social Entrepreneurs (EASE) Fund Scheme this year. Any EdUHK students and alumni with a start-up idea are welcome to apply for EASE Fund.


  • A team led by an EdUHK student (Full-time or Part-time) or alumnus acting as Team Leader.

  • Application must be made on a team basis (i.e. more than one person) with a team leader. 

  • Each team MUST include at least one EdUHK staff (academic or teaching staff) as a team member or advisor. EdUHK staff can act as advisor(s) without taking any ownership of the start-up.

  • EdUHK Team members (inc. team leader who shall hold ≥ 20% shares) must hold majority shares (≥ 51% in total) of the company.

  • If the team has already formed a company, the company must not be registered for more than 2 years as of the EASE Fund Scheme application deadline.

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