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Blended Learning: Explore Chinese Culture, Literature, and History through Interactive Gameplay!

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In the current situation, primary and secondary school students may lack interest and engagement in learning Chinese-related subjects, particularly under the high-pressure environment of exams. Additionally, they have limited access to quality resources for Chinese-related knowledge within a limited timeframe.

Culture Rangers by Culture Origin Limited is a comprehensive educational program designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture and history. The program offers daily tasks that can be completed in 10-15 minutes, utilizing various modes to increase student engagement. The program is structured around monthly themes with a focus on various aspects of Chinese culture.


A Positive Education Methodology, which rewards students with points, roles, badges, and a leaderboard, is employed to motivate students. Additionally, virtual reality is used to enhance the learning experience. The platform tracks student progress and performance and recognizes outstanding achievement with certificates and awards.

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Our team is a diverse, passionate, and results-oriented group of individuals who are dedicated to creating engaging and immersive learning experiences about Chinese culture and history. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, each team member brings unique expertise to the table, working together to maximize value for stakeholders and foster a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.




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