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A gamified peer to peer battle platform to provide intrinsic motivation for English Learning.

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  • Lack of motivation: Traditional language learning methods can be tedious and demotivating, causing learners to lose interest and give up.

  • Limited interaction: Many language learning platforms lack social interaction, which can make the learning process feel isolating and less engaging.

  • Difficulty with personalized learning: Learners may struggle to find resources that cater to their individual learning needs, making it harder to progress.

  • Monotonous learning experience: Repetitive exercises and drills can make the learning experience boring and unengaging.

  • Lack of feedback: Without adequate feedback and guidance, learners may struggle to identify their weaknesses and improve their language skills effectively.

We provide a gamified peer-to-peer battle platform for English learning. This platform offers language learners a unique and engaging way to improve their language skills by competing with friends and other learners in friendly battles.


Through our platform, learners can connect with others who share their language learning goals and interests, which can create a strong sense of community and motivation. Additionally, our platform utilizes AI technology to provide personalized training and feedback to help learners improve in areas where they may be struggling.


Our platform is designed to be fun, interactive, and effective, making it an ideal solution for language learners who want to improve their skills in a more engaging way. By using our platform, learners can benefit from the social interaction and gamified learning experience while also receiving personalized training and feedback to help them achieve their language learning goals.

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Our team is passionate about helping people learn better through expertise in education, gamified learning, UX/UI design, business, and law. We bring diverse perspectives to every project and strive for innovative solutions that meet customer needs.




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