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An gamified educational platform to provide entrepreneurship education that focuses on Design Thinking, Brand Building and Social Emotional Learning.

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Economics and BAFS, as the only business subjects in secondary school curriculum, do not provide enough knowledge/skills to cultivate students’ entrepreneurship. Existing entrepreneurship education programs are not evidence based as there has been nearly no research related to entrepreneurship education in Hong Kong secondary schools since 2012. Most current entrepreneurship education programs focus on hard skills like writing proposals, brainstorming business models but not soft skills like conflict management, bargaining, selling, design thinking etc. The efficiency for most existing programs is low with high demand in human resources and low student engagement.

FutventureLab develops our own evidence-based entrepreneurship education curriculum and uses an action research approach to conduct each of our training programs. A web app is being developed to assist knowledge transfer. Four main elements including a safe social media with a specific algorithm, gamification with a token economy system, pre-recorded lectures and quizzes, are included.

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With high work ethics and commitment, our team strives to achieve our mission and goals. Composed of professionals and PHD consultants, with backgrounds of psychology, education, business and research, our team members create a synergy effect which benefits students, our service target, in every possible way.

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