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Frozen Veggies

Promoting Cultural Tourism through Hong Kong Literary Games

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It is not obvious that readers of Hong Kong literature will intersect with Chinese game players. We therefore need to find ways to gain recognition of Hong Kong literature or games from two very different audiences.

We are trying to create a game that includes elements of Hong Kong literature. For gamers, they will get a different gaming experience from traditional games. They will feel the charm of Hong Kong Literature in the game art. For Hong Kong Literature lovers, they can re-experience Hong Kong Literature in the form of a game, which will bring them another kind of inspiration and feeling. We believe both parties will be happy to see Hong Kong Literature being presented in the form of games.

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Our team hopes to change the monotonous way of presenting Hong Kong literature and culture through games, so that Hong Kong literature and culture can be interacted with in a more vivid and dynamic way.

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