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AR Mind Art

An app that harnesses the power of AR technology to help those with mental health needs

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  • Support tools too homogenous: Mostly in the form of Q&A/one-on-one ‘talk therapy’ sessions

  • Public misunderstanding: Mental health patients and those who download mental health service apps are often mislabelled/ confused

  • Lack of localization for working people: Most apps do not support Cantonese; linguistically limiting individual expression

We developed a mobile app, AR Mind Art, to help users set up a personal 'Body-Mind-Spirit Gym' plan via AR technology, EMI intervention and Expressive Art Therapy.

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With members from different occupations and disciplines, from Director of Mental Health Education to Programmer, we strive to offer a platform which cares for the mental health of working people from a scientific approach.

Home and Youth Affairs Bureau
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