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The most memorable and fastest app for learning simplified Chinese characters.

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Global interest in Chinese language is growing, but learning Chinese characters is daunting and time-consuming with traditional methods. Existing apps, largely based on these traditional approaches, don't ease the learning process significantly. Vividize aims to improve this experience, making Chinese character learning faster, enjoyable, and memorable.

Vividize is a smarthone app that utilizes visual mnemonics to make learning Chinese characters fast, engaging, and memorable. Unlike traditional methods, Vividize tackles the complexities of Chinese characters head-on, facilitating efficient learning. Vividize changes how Chinese is learned globally.

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Our team comprises young Finnish professionals dedicated to crafting the most engagin and efficient Chinese character learning experience available on the market. This central force is enhanced by a global content production team and the guidance of seasoned mentors from both Finland and Hong Kong.

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