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STRAW for Teacher

Speak to Read and Write: Redesign Chinese Learning by a prompt and a picture

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Firstly, there is a lack of efficient and interesting Chinese learning way. Chinese, as a morphosyllabic Language, is hard to learn. Lack of appropriate materials makes learning dull.


Secondly, there is a trend of increasing SENs and NCS learners. Teachers face great difficulties in teaching Non-Chinese Speaking learners and learners with special Education Needs (SENs).


Thirdly, it is time-consuming for designing teaching materials. Teachers are too busy to tailor-made materials for students due to heavy admin work and parent communication.

STRAW For Teacher is an intelligent teacher portal based on STRAW Chinese learning strategy. Basic characters are redesigned using bilingual prompts and picturized characters, and covers both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, Mandarin and Cantonese. It is an intelligent mechanism which reflects factors like learner’s learning curve and exposure to Chinese, and recommend pace and content (characters, words, quizzes) for each learner.

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Our team is aiming to redesign Chinese as interesting and innovative, so that learners around the world will find learning Chinese is an enjoyable experience. We are passionate in taking care of students with Special Educational Needs and Chinese beginner learners, as well as the teachers struggling in their busy routines.

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